Omar's Lawn Care



Chicago, IL


Summer 2018 


Omar's Lawn Care 



Grace is proud to partner with Omar's Lawn Care. Omar's Lawn Care offers lawn care and landscaping services which includes: mowing, routine maintenance, trim up/ limb up, weed removal, spring-fall clean-up. 


Project Goals: 



Our first primary goal in parterning with Omar's Lawn Care is to provide our single women, mothers and elderly constituents low cost, affordable lawncare and landscaping services. Special discounts and promotions for services will be given to all of the single women, mothers and elderly in our service areas. 



In addition, to providing affordable services it is our goal to help Omar's Lawn Care expand their company by means of aquistions of new clients. By supporting local small business, we hope to create new job opportunities for our community residents. We will engage in an collective effort to hire and train those within our service areas to be employed by Omar's Lawn Care. 



Lastly, our goal in partnering with Omar's Lawn Care is to take an active lead to spark the beautification of our service areas.