Saturday Burn with Dr. Courtney LaGolden summer fitness boot-camp.



55th S South Shore Dr

60615 Chicago, IL


June 2017


Dr. Courtney LaGolden ( Courtney LaGolden Fitness) 



Saturday Burn is a summer fitness boot-camp program created by NASM Certified Personal Trainer Dr. Courtney LaGolden. In a collaborative effort to promote Health and Wellness, we have partnered with Courtney LaGolden Fitness to host Saturday Burn annually each summer, open to all community residents. 


Project Goals: 



Our first priority in partnering with Personal Trainer Courtney LaGolden is to promote the importance of Health & Wellness and personal fitness. 



In addition we seek to provide a program open to the public that encourages all participants to set personal exercise goals and engage in outside recreational activities. 



Lastly, in our efforts to host Saturday Burn annually we seek to raise awareness and participation, by means establishing a workout community open to all fitness levels and Chicago South & South East side community residents. Continuous growth will open us to expansion of further Health & Wellness programming.