Cynthia Dailey 


Cynthia Dailey is the Founder of  Grace Housing Complex. She has been a resident of Chicago her entire life. Living on the south side, she has seen the effects first hand that unsafe housing conditions can have on communities and their residents. Growing up in the Robert Taylor Housing Projects exposed her to an unsafe environment, in what was supposed to be affordable housing for low income residents. The experiences in those housing projects, led Cynthia to have a dream of opening an organization to provide affordable, safe housing for low income residents within the inner city of Chicago, specifically in regards to Mothers and single women. Her dream became reality when she founded Grace Housing Complex in 2013.  

Justin Dailey.png

Justin Dailey 

Chief Executive Officer/ President

Justin Dailey is the current CEO of Grace Housing Complex. He has been with the organization since 2015. Justin graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a B.S. in Management. By growing up on the south side of Chicago, Justin was able to witness first hand the negative effects that unsafe housing can have on communities, families, as well as individuals. With a strong background in business management, Justin has vowed to manage Grace Housing Complex, as it grows into an organization that provides safe housing in some of Chicago's most impoverished areas, as well as implement programming to support community growth & stability. 


Keevan Dantzler 

Chief Operations Officer/Program Director

Keevan Dantzler is the current COO of Grace Housing Complex. Growing up on the southeast side of Chicago his entire life, primarily in the South Deering community, Keevan has had a first hand experience of the many issues that plague the inner city. Keevan has made a commitment to dedicate his life to servicing neglected communities, in order to ensure that the necessary changes are made so that the generations to follow won't have to experience many of the negative situations so many others had to overcome. Keevan has an extensive professional work history and educational background in Marketing, Promotions, and Management. 


Alyson Shaler 

Social Media/ Graphics Manager 

Alyson Shaler graduated from Terra State in Fremont, Ohio in 2015 with a degree in Digital Arts & Interactive Media. Alyson understands the importance of social media for an organization like Grace Housing and firmly believes that the good they can do for the communities of Chicago should be seen and shared.