You Got The Juice 



Chicago, IL


Spring 2018 



Imperfect Produce 



In order to promote health and wellness, as well as give back to those in need Grace has developed the "You Got The Juice" initiative. Grace in collaboration with Imperfect Produce will provide fresh nutritional organic juices and produce packs to those in need within our service areas and throughout Chicago.  


Project Goals: 



It is our main goal to improve the health & wellness of those in need by providing fresh organic juice and You Got The Juice Produce Packs! It is also our goal to help fight against the increasing food deserts on the South and South East Side of Chicago.



In addition, we believe those in need are entitled to fresh nutritional options for nourishment. So often those in need are given sustenance that has spoiled or lack nutritional value, such as fast food. 



Lastly, we would like to use this initiative as a way to empower those in need and give a constant reminder of the positive affirmation, "You Got The Juice". This initiative will serve as an excellent way to motivate and encourage the belief in '"self-power". 


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