We Enrich, Enhance, & Innovate urban development as well as community Outreach within the ChicagoLand Area. Our team of associates, colleagues and sponsors main initiative is to provide a stable living environment and safe communities for mothers in need.


Our Beginning

Grace Housing Complex was founded October 8, 2013 by Cynthia Dailey, mother of our CEO/President Justin Dailey. Cynthia came from humble beginnings being raised in the Robert Taylor Housing Projects, on the rough south side of Chicago. Her struggle and experience lead to the development of the core mission of Grace Housing Complex. She envisioned an organization that could help low income mothers in need by means of providing affordable housing, civil service, & community resource. We are now making her vision a REALITY!


“Growing up in Chicago isn't easy, Chicago makes our youth grow up fast. Chicago makes you have tough skin. Fear, sorrow, and grief is sowed deeply in the souls of the Mothers of this City. I speak the sentiments of all the Mothers in Chicago who are tired of shedding tears and are ready to see a change in this city. I feel the team assembled at Grace Housing Complex can be the long term organizational solution to the problems we face in the Inner City. Change starts with Action..."

KArol Dantzler (Mother of COO KEevan Dantzler) 


Our Mission 

Grace Housing Complex is an economic and community development organization focused in providing low income mothers/women with affordable housing, informational services, and other development opportunities, within the greater Chicago-land area. Through implementation of our program we aim to create: stable, safe, and healthy communities, by developing, operating, and financing affordable housing, for single women, mothers and children who lack economic resources to access quality, safe housing opportunities



of women comprise the more than 404,000 low income working families in 2012 in the state of Illinois.


women are the main providers of the household in Illinois.


of Chicago children are homeless and live in shelters without parents 


Get Involved

We encourage all members of the Roseland, Englewood and South Deering communities that would like to volunteer to help our endeavors to please contact us immediately. Those who would like to donate to our efforts please click the link below for more information.