The "Say G.R.A.C.E Initiative" is our call to action to begin the revival of our targeted service areas, starting first with the South Deering community. 



South Deering Community

60617 Chicago, IL


July 1st, 2017




Community Members/Partners


The "GRACE" of SAY GRACE means Greet, Relationships, Assistance, Communication, & Evaluation, and it is a model through which we will provide programming and activities which focus on housing, education, and health. We will also plan & implement activities around workforce development and the creation of a social enterprises which will create jobs and revenue to further South Deering's revitalization.


Project Goals: 



Our first goal for the initiative is to assess the particular needs of the South Deering community by engaging directly with the residents of the community. We will achieve this by community engagement through data collection from surveys, interviews, etc.



In addition to community needs assessment, we will implement our G.R.A.C.E workshops and programming in order to spark change within the South Deering community. Workshops and programming content will be tailored to specifically fit the particular needs within the community. Informational workshops will cover topics ranging from Health and Wellness, Financial Literacy, Affordable/Safe Housing, Urban Development and much more.



Lastly, we will create strategic partnerships within the community between local community leaders, activists, politicians, law enforcement, and residents. This cohesion will help to further our cause going forward in the future to ensure our work will reach all those in need within the area and that the changes we implement will be long lasting.