Salvadore Farms 



Chicago, IL


Fall 2018 


  • SAC
  • Grace 

Grace Housing Complex is proud to be partnering with The Social Alchemy Collective (SAC) and its Salvadore Farms Initiative -  a project through which the SAC works with community organizations to advance farming, locally-sourced foods, and workforce development initiatives.

Current Focus

Grace is working with the SAC to advance the practice of aquaponics in Chicago. Aquaponics a form of agriculture which combines greenhouse, hydroponic, and fish farming technologies to create a sustainable, integrated, organic agriculture system yielding both fish and produce. The 2013 USDA Census noted that 3,093 aquaculture farms generated $1.37 billion in sales, with only 71 of those farms having an aquaponic-focused operation.

Thus, there are opportunities for individuals to develop aquaponic farming skills through strategic training in aquaponics cultivation as well as overall business. Aquaponic farming can occur in rural and urban contexts - an ideal consideration for those interested in local-food production for a wide range of communities

Current Salvadore Farms Initiatives

The SAC has helped clients in various parts of the country develop the initiatives below – each of which Grace and The SAC are working to adapt to the Southside of Chicago and incorporate into Grace’s long-term plans. More details to come!


Project Initiatives: 



Farming My Future: Creating a nationwide network of aquaponics demonstration, training, and education sites. Long-term goals are to open large-scale growth operations in several communities yielding $400,000 or more each year in produce and fish.



Finding NEAMO: A community- and school-based aquaponics education and outreach initiative. 



Fresh Food For Community Elders: A program through which aquaponically-produced vegetables and fish are provided to facilities serving our community elders.


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