Young Millionaires Club



Chicago, IL


February 14th, 2018 


  • Keevan D.
  • Neal S.
  • Cierra F. 
  • Jeaneva J. 

Young Millionaires Club (YMC) is an investment club that will educate members on financial literacy in regards to budgeting, investment strategies, and pooling together of resources in order to take advantage of opportunities in the vastly growing stock market. 


Project Goals: 



The primary mission of YMC is financial literacy. We hope to educate each member on successful strategies for budgeting, money management &  investing, as well as learn multiple ways to generate income and build wealth.



In addition, we as a collective will work to build a diverse, sustainable portfolio of investments.



Lastly, we collectively will pool information and reference materials during our journey together to make an easy to use, comprehensive guide to share with community stakeholders within our service areas that are also interested in financial advancement.