Social Alchemy Collective Partnership

Great News!

Today our team at Grace Housing Complex solidified a strategic partnership with the Social Alchemy Collective organization. The Social Alchemy Collective is a nonprofit think tank and action team comprised of social alchemists who not only represent various sectors, interests, professions, ideologies, and aspirations, but who are also committed to using the nonprofit movement to facilitate social change and the holistic development of humanity. Through the process of our work, we hope to start a movement which contributes to a revolution of society, relationships, thoughts and existence.  We plan to come together to implement The Magic of Mastery curriculum, that was developed by the organization, within the South Deering community. The Magic of Mastery curriculum focuses on using mind/body practices, community workshops, training, and personal coaching to improve mastery motivation and facilitate the development of self-care, self help, and self sufficiency, for low income residents. We are planning on developing many strategies and programs with the Social Alchemy Collective organization to further our mission and implement programming within our service areas. We are seeking to partner with many other organizations throughout the city in order to be more able to effectively engage the community and its residents.

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