The Community Law Project

We would like to thank Community Law Project for all the support and help they have given us over the last few months. In order to better strengten our infrastructure and internal affairs we sought out the help of the Community Law Project. The Community Law Project helps to build, strengthen, and support community-based organizations that are focused on economic development in Chicago’s low-income neighborhoods and that offer the delivery of social services to residents of these areas. They bring hope to impoverished neighborhoods by supporting small businesses and home ownership. Working with volunteers from Chicago’s top law firms, the Community Law Project's expert legal staff provides nonprofit leaders and small businesses owners the knowledge to sustain the quality of their programs, improve outcomes, and spur economic development. The Community Law Project recognize that structural racism is a major contributor toward economic injustice;  thier work is geared towards eradicating  racism and poverty in our city, and coordinate activities in close working relationship with community partners. 

Collaborating with The Community Law Project has been a valuable resource to our organization and we look forward to working with them as we continue to embark upon our goals and mission! #SayGrace